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ITS Asia Pacific Jakarta 2024

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Why Join with us

Join us at the forefront of the intelligent transportation revolution by attending the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 in Jakarta! As a member of ITS India Pavilion, you have the unique opportunity to access this premier event at a discounted rate.

About the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024:

Date: 28th-30th May 2024

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 is set to bring together industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, and innovators to explore the latest advancements and future trends in intelligent transportation systems. From cutting-edge technologies to sustainable solutions, this event promises valuable insights and networking opportunities for professionals in the transportation sector.

Exclusive Discount for ITS India Members: As a valued member of ITS India Pavilion, you can take advantage of a special discounted rate to attend the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024. You will get a Rebate from the Actual Amount. Don't miss this chance to save on registration fees while gaining access to invaluable knowledge and connections.

Benefits in the Event: 

  1. Gain insights and access to Plenary Sessions and Special Interest Session

  2. Invitation to Opening Ceremony

  3. Free Access to Exhibition Area

  4. Get networking opportunities with stakeholders from around the world

  5. Coffee Break and Lunch

Joining with ITS India provides several unique benefits that may not be available by directly joining from the official ITS AP site:

  1. Community Connection: By joining ITS India, members become part of a local community of transportation professionals, fostering networking opportunities and collaborations within the region. This can lead to more targeted discussions and partnerships relevant to the Indian context.

  2. Representation: ITS India Pavilion represents the specific interests and needs of the Indian transportation sector within the larger ITS community. This ensures that member voices are heard and that solutions proposed at the international level take into account the unique challenges and opportunities present in India.

  3. Discounts and Benefits: ITS India Pavilion will negotiate special discounts and benefits for its members, such as discounted rates for conferences and access to exclusive events. These perks can enhance the value proposition of joining ITS India compared to joining directly through ITS AP.

How to Register: Secure your spot at the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 by registering through our website today. Simply fill the form below to claim your exclusive discount with ITS India.

Join us in Jakarta for the ITS Asia Pacific Forum 2024 and be part of the conversation shaping the future of intelligent transportation systems!

More details, Benefits and Payment details is attached in the PDF.

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