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Calling for Sponsorship for global webinar scheduled on 17th Feb 2024

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Calling All Visionaries:

Sponsor Our Webinar on "Unifying Stakeholders for Enhanced ITS Applications for Road Safety and Transport Efficiency"

Only One Slot Left

Join us in shaping the future of safe and efficient mobility!

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking webinar on

"Unifying Stakeholders for Enhanced ITS Applications for Road Safety and Transport Efficiency"

This globally-reaching event will bring together leading minds from across the transportation and technology sectors, including:

  • International experts shaping the future of intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

  • Government officials from NHAI, MEITY, MORTH, and AITD, driving policy and implementation in India

  • Industry leaders pioneering cutting-edge ITS solutions

  • Academic visionaries exploring the ethical and privacy implications of AI in transportation

Why Sponsor?

By supporting this crucial conversation, you'll:

  • Gain global visibility as a thought leader in smart transportation.

  • Connect with key decision-makers and influencers shaping the future of mobility.

  • Showcase your commitment to innovation and sustainability.

  • Position your brand as a champion of ethical and responsible technology.

Reach and Impact:

With a budget of 50K-1L, we'll leverage our extensive network and digital reach to ensure maximum impact. Expect:

  • Pre-event promotion across social media, industry publications, and partner channels.

  • Live streaming to a global audience, with on-demand access for further reach.

  • Post-event engagement through media coverage, reports, and social media amplification.

Become a part of this critical conversation! Together, let's build a safer, smarter, and more ethical future for transportation!

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the solution! 

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